Fear ends where faith begins

You may never realise just how powerful faith really, is until it’s the only option you have…

It took faith for me to sign up for something  that could excel our business to new heights. I learned so, so much from the experience and, although it highlighted many things that still need to be done behind the scenes, I am so thankful that I took that leap! I procrastinated for many many months thinking that it wasn’t for me but I’m so glad that I did it and I would do it again .. and encourage other business owners to do so too.

It took faith to trust that a recent, difficult situation would work out for good. I know that every business, at one time or another, must face situations that test them, push them to their limits and often make them feel like packing it all in but everything we experience should help us to evaluate, learn from and grow stronger.

It took faith to believe in the dream that my husband had, a dream to build a business from scratch and to step into the world of entrepreneurship. 

Deciding to work for yourself can bring along a mountain of fears with it;

  • Will I be able to support my family?
  • Am I really good enough to do this for myself?
  • Will anyone buy my product?
  • What happens if I become unwell?
  • What if my business fails?
  • Will I cope with the demands and responsibilities if I become successful?”

This amount of fear can make you feel so powerless but as soon as we take that first step, that giant leap of faith .. we take all that power away from our fears and channel it with full force into our dreams!

When you have faith in yourself, your abilities, your skills and talents, there isn’t a force on earth that could deter you from pushing forward.

When you believe in what you do and the difference you can make in the lives of others, even on your worst day, you will have an inner drive that won’t let you quit on yourself.

When the people around you have the same level of faith in what you can achieve, the same belief in all that you can accomplish, you can fight against any fearful thoughts that try to creep in and put you off!

Fear is temporary, regret is forever

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