Life is like a puzzle

I’m sure most of us like the challenge and excitement of a good jigsaw puzzle!

I personally like to begin with the edges and then find other pieces to bring the puzzle to completion, taking many sneak peaks at the box for tips along the way!

My life has felt very much like a puzzle lately. I remember sections of my life that were all complete; my family life, my home life, my friends .. everything seemed to be in place; whole. 

But then, it seemed as though all of the pieces of my life were put back in the box, shaken up and laid out in front of me …. 

I have been trying to put myself back together for some time but the pieces that were whole before didn’t look the same anymore?! There were also extra pieces that were not there previously .. where were they supposed to fit in?

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I tried to make them fit into places where it felt they were supposed to go, but it wasn’t right .. they just didn’t feel right. It was uncomfortable, it wasn’t what I was used to.

So, I started again .. and as always I began with the edges. The pieces of my life holding everything together.

The four edges: my children, my family, my friends and most importantly, my faith.

Focusing on these pivotal elements helped me to begin to, once again, feel like myself .. happy!

The rest of the puzzle just seemed to fall into place from there and, although removing some pieces was not easy, it was necessary in order to feel that peace I once knew.

I’m sure there are still many pieces to fit but I am beginning to see which should and should not be there and also, to be OK with that too!!

But, as with any good jigsaw, it is going to be both challenging and exciting and I am so very thankful for the opportunity to begin again!

Life is like a puzzle .. never waste time trying to place pieces where they don’t fit

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