What you focus on, grows 

I hit a wall! I was becoming increasingly overwhelmed by all the things I could not do and had no idea how to overcome.

I thought I’d be seen as a failure for not being able to keep up, not being able to hit the mark and I really wanted to just give it all up…

So, I took a step back. Well, a few steps if I’m honest! I had to look at everything that was getting on top of me and try to choose just one thing to focus on, just for now.

I chose to complete an online course I’d begun a few months back. I enrolled on the course to help me with our business however, the more the business grew, the less time I had for my studies.

I knew I had to complete the course however the excuses were piling up … ok, maybe not excuses so much but let’s say my priorities were all over the place! Although the course was started to help me progress in my role, I realised how great the other consequences would be if I did not complete it.

From a financial aspect, if the course (which was free) was not completed by the end of the academic year, I would incur a charge. There was no way I was going to pass up qualifying for free because I didn’t have the time!!

As a parent, I could not continue to encourage my children to “never give up”, “finish what you started”, or say “you’ve got this” in all honesty if I did not take my own advice and complete the course! The whole family had seen me in many a stressful mood when my assessments were due in and each had been as helpful as they could be throughout.

Whatever I do or say, I’m a constant example to my children and so, you can imagine how wonderful it was to share with them that mummy had successfully completed her course!!! They were as pleased for me as I was for myself and as soon as that certificate of accreditation arrives, I’m framing it!

“Don’t stop until you’re proud”

Remember why you started

Starting something new can be both exciting and scary but no matter which emotion it evokes, there is always a reason behind the decision.

If you want to get fit, you decide to sign up to the gym but if you’re feeling a little body conscious, this could make you feel slightly apprehensive.

Maybe you want to go to university to get the degree you missed out on when you were younger. Being in a lecture theatre filled with teenagers can be quite a daunting thought, especially if you’ve been out of education for a very long time.

Whatever the situation is and regardless of how it makes you feel, your focus should remain on the reason WHY and not the excuses creeping in to change your mind…

Your reason behind wanting to get fitter could be based on health reasons. You may have been recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and really want to get back to good health. That should be enough to get you through any anxiety you may feel about how you look compared to others.

With regards to the degree, your career may depend on it and in order to succeed professionally, you have to achieve it so even if you are the oldest student in the room, that should not deter you from your goal.

When you remember the important things, it helps to motivate and push you forward. There will always be an excuse to try and put you off but your opportunity may only be a one time offer. If you want your goal badly enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to reach it and when you do get there … smash it!!!

You can have results or excuses … the choice is yours!